Since it’s inception, Vyntyge Skynyrd has earned the admiration and affection of critics and fans alike. Get in touch to learn more about the true Lynyrd Skynyrd Experience, repertoire, and performance rates.


Lynyrd Skynyrd was the most formidable band ever to emerge from the South. Vyntyge Skynyrd tributes and celebrates the 1970's era of the band by replicating this timeless music as it was originally recorded and performed. Vyntyge Skynyrd captures the fire and heart of the band, as well as the soul of their fearless leader Ronnie Van Zant.

You'll be transported back to 1977 where you will hear all the classic Skynyrd favorites such as Sweet Home Alabama, Saturday Night Special, Gimme Three Steps, and of course you can yell "FREEBIRD" all you like because you will in fact get it!

"I want to thank you guys for carrying on the name of Lynyrd Skynyrd" - Johnny Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd lead singer)

"Vynytge Skynyrd is helping to keep Lynyrd Skynyrd's music alive" - Artimus Pyle (former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer)

"One of the best tributes I've ever seen" - Gene Odom (former Lynyrd Skynyrd Security Manager and plane crash survivior)

“I love your band. Skynyrd prided themselves in getting it right every night. You guys nailed it. By the way, I've listened to most of your posts.” - Paul Abraham (former Lynyrd Skynyrd Manager, writer, friend of the band)